What is a Giffy?

A Giffy is digital gift credit that you can use to buy your favorite gift card or tickets.

About Giffy

Giffy offers a digital platform that allows consumers and companies to give digital gift credit via email or WhatsApp. So without plastic. All major gift card brands that are popular with the target group are represented. Such as Spotify, Sony Playstation, Zalando, Bol.com and the National Cinema voucher, etc. As a unique ‚wrapping paper‘, the sender can make a personal video or choose from the many animations to congratulate the birthday boy, for example. The recipient can redeem the gift card immediately, but also share the personal video on his or her social media channels. You can now give a gift 24 hours a day, in real-time with your mobile or laptop!

Giffy also aims to combat single-use plastic. And so Giffy donates the production value of a physical gift card, with every gift card sent, to the Plastic Soup Foundation.

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